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Social MediaManagement

Pricing Schedule of Social Media Management
Features Standard Plan Professional Plan Enterprise Plan
Social Platforms 2 3 Custom
Posting Frequency Basic Schedule Limited Schedule Custom Schedule
Social Media Post Creation Stock Images Basic Templates Custom Content
Video Creation Basic Editing Basic Templates Custom Production
Engagement Limited Interaction Basic Monitoring Dedicated Engagement
Analytics Limited Insights Basic Reports Custom Reporting
Customer Support Email Support Email Support 24/7 Support
Pricing £150 £250 £300+

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Pricing Plan of Video Editing
Features Standard Plan Professional Plan Enterprise Plan
Video Editing Basic Templates Advanced Editing Advanced Editing
Animation Basic Animation Custom Animation Custom Animation
Effects & Transitions Limited Selection Standard Selection Standard Selection
Sound Design Basic Soundtracks Custom Soundtracks Custom Soundtracks
Revisions Limited Revisions Standard Revisions Standard Revisions
Pricing £100 £150 £200